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La legal is a pioneer Media Law portal in India that offers legal solutions, International Arbitration and corporate trainings in the field of communications and Media law.

Our clients are from the field of films, OTT, digital channels, e-commerce, IT, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Labs, cyber crime investigation, Bio-medicine organizations, Media houses, Corporates and legal education platforms.

We specialize in Corporate Legal Training and also support free legal awareness through our education portal.

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Legal Consultation and Corporate Training

La Legal is the only portal, which specializes in the evolving aspects of digital transformation in Law and Media.

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We design customized Trainings and conduct specialized Workshops and educative Courses for Digital Media, IT Companies, Corporates, Organizations, Schools and NGOS.

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Field of work

  • IT Law

  • OTT

  • Cyber Security

  • IoT and Big Data

  • E-Commerce Consulting

  • Feature film Contracts

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Robotics & Coding Laws

  • Arbitration

  • Online Gaming Laws

  • CryptoCurrency

  • Blockchain Laws

  • Digital Laws
  • GDPR

  • Music Copyright Licensing

  • Legal Document Review

  • Media Contracts

  • IPR in Cyberspace

  • Broadcasting TV and Radio Laws

  • Wireless

  • Telecommunications

  • Copyrights

  • Smart City Legal Compliance

  • Due Diligence

  • Fintech Laws
  • New emerging issues such as Social Networking, Piracy, Data theft and Protection, IT, Coding, IOT, Global E-commerce, OTT, Cyber Crime, IP and Copyright Protections are a part of media laws.
    All aspects of acquiring and clearing Rights and Licenses, producing content, drafting and safeguarding Intellectual Property and laws relating to Films, Broadcasting, Advertisement, Journalism, Internet and Cyber crimes are dealt with.